WIRED co. Specialist Coffee Shop NW6


Using beans roasted from East London coffee pioneers Climpson & Sons, as well as rotating guests from other progressive roasters. Our talented team of Baristas always strive to hit every beans sweet spot; using weight and time parameters and constantly monitoring grind, flow and taste to create the best possible ratio. A combination of science, skill and cutting edge equipment goes into expertly extracting your espresso. Then to steam your milk to a silky, shiny consistency at the perfect temperature.

We feel it’s important to grow our coffee knowledge together. Our Baristas are always happy to discuss all things coffee with you; from origin to roast, extraction and flavours. Look out for our ‘Seasonal Guest Blends’.

If you prefer your coffee filtered we have ‘Single Origins’ either ready ‘Batch Brewed’ or if you have the time then it’s worth asking one of our Baristas to precisely make you a V60 Pour Over.


To accompany your choice of beverage; our evolving menu range includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and baked goods from North West London bakeries that we love.

Breakfasts include:
Granola, yoghurt & fresh berries. Toasted banana bread or Proper toast with PB and/or jam.

Lunches include:
Seasonal soups, Focaccia sandwiches (Butchers smoked turkey, avocado & harrisa) and our house favourite ‘The Old Skool Toastie’ (Cheddar with either paprika & leeks, beans & Worcestshire sauce or simply oregano).

SuperFood Smoothies:
Delicious and packed with nutrients. Carefully selected and paired ingredients such as Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Chia Seeds, Bee Pollen and Goji Berries.

Ask our staff to recommend the options for low sugar, high protein, raw, gluten/dairy free treats. 
Check out our sample menu for updates and seasonal changes.


Super Food Smoothies

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